Save money on airfare with planning and booking at optimal times

With a little planning you can save on airfare. A study of over 500 million airfares showed that, in general, booking a domestic flight 49 days ahead of time is optimal for saving money.

Fortunately you don’t have to get OCD about it, the average price doesn’t rise dramatically until about two weeks before the flight.

Booking too far in advance will cost you extra too.

Flying on Tuesday or Wednesday will save you money – but it doesn’t matter when you book the flight.

I said “in general” because there are exceptions. With busy travel times like holidays you need to book farther out – the article says 96 days prior was optimal for Thanksgiving 2012.

With international flights, being spontaneous might get you the best deal.

Source: When Is the Optimal Time to Book a Flight? – Yahoo! Finance.

Empty 5-hour energy shot bottles great for liquids to go

I am not a big fan of energy drinks but I am going to be on the lookout for discarded bottles. This is a fantastic idea.

Via Redditor rod81

LPT: Rinse out an empty 5-hour energy shot bottle or two. and use these to take olive oil or hot sauce for your packed lunch. Small, crush-resistant, reusable, doesn’t leak, lid never comes off. : LifeProTips.