Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – thumbs up!

Mac wireless keyboard cleaning with Magic EraserI love it when I find a great product. I had heard the hype about these eraser sponges and didn’t pay much attention. I finally decided to give it a try after seeing a how-to video on cleaning Mac wireless keyboards.

I switched my Mac’s wireless keyboard to my iPad so I could use it in public, but to be honest, that keyboard was so filthy I didn’t want to be seen with it in public. Hence the motivation to research a safe way to clean it.

I shit you not. Cleaning this thing with a Magic Eraser took me no more than 5 minutes including time to snap a picture when I was halfway done. The right side is cleaned, the left is not.



Here is another pic of the finished project:

Clean wireless keyboard using magic eraser

In the second picture the first picture appears below on my iPad. Matrix-like huh?

Of course, priority two was finding out how the thing works. A little digging and I found this article on Melamine Foam on Wikipedia.

By the way, no affiliation whatsoever. Just a happy customer. You can find this product and others like it pretty much anywhere.